Collection: Epifanes Mono-urethane Yacht Paint

Epifanes Mono-Urethane offers an incredibly hard abrasion and chemical resistant coating with outstanding gloss, weather durability, color retention and UV protection. This is the hardest paint available in a one-part system. Years of testing and on-vessel experience have proven this unique finish to be the most advanced, highly engineered single-part formulation available based on urethane-alkyd resin technology.

Suitable for fiberglass, wood, steel and aluminum for interior and exterior use above the waterline in conjunction with the appropriate primer or directly on well degreased and sanded fiberglass, 1-component primers and topcoats as well as on thoroughly sanded 2-component polyurethane.

Available in 25 rich and vibrant colors. Custom colors are also available. Download the Epifanes Monourethane Color Chart PDF here.