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Are you looking to brush up on your varnishing skills?

Dan Lee Boatbuilding is offering an online video course covering traditional gloss Yacht Varnish work that you can complete at your leisure. This course if fully endorsed by Epifanes North America and perfect for boat builders, boat owners, boat restorers, wood workers and anyone looking to learn a new skill.

Take an in depth look at products, tools, application technique, theory and workplace setup. The varnishing course program teaches you to produce a professional level finish working in realistic, everyday environments such as your garage or workshop at home.

Study online with lifetime enrolment to re-visit at any time. This course offers 10 modules of video content with a manageable, bitesize module of around one hour per module. Provides a clear to follow, start-to-finish method on applying a high gloss Yacht Varnish finish to woodwork.

The method is based primarily around wooden boat varnishing and marine applications however you can also apply it to household applications such as tables, floors and doors that require a high gloss finish.

Use discount code EPIFANES20 to save an extra 20% on the course!

Dan Lee Boatbuilding 10-Day Varnish Course Epifanes Discount Code

For more information, visit Varnishing Course | 10 Day Yacht Varnisher (danleeboatbuilding.co.uk).


Check out Epifanes Classic Teak Stain (CTS.500), now available! 

This high-quality stain providing a beautiful in-depth warm golden Teak color on wood. It can be used on ageing and patchy timber to create an even tone. It bonds well to bare wood and existing intact varnish systems and may be used to camouflage discolored/aged wood prior to applying Epifanes varnishes.

Epifanes Classic Teak Stain, CTS.500

Epifanes Classic Teak Stain (CTS.500)

Quick drying, this stain renders a beautiful warm golden teak color. Depending on desired finished look, each coat will continue to darken the color of the stain; a maximum of 3 coats may be applied to bare wood.

Use on both interior and exterior woodwork above the waterline. Recoatable after only 2 hours and with Epifanes 1 and 2-part varnishes.

It is also possible to mix Classic Teak Stain with Epifanes 1 and 2-part varnishes to create a lightly tinted finish for camouflaging color differences in an existing system.